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A complete Guide to Remote Team Bonding

Remote working has now become an essential part of our lives for most of us. What seemed like a trend due to the Covid-19 pandemic has become a crucial part of your life? But remote working has brought benefits for both the employer and employees. 
For employers, they can now hire anyone from anywhere in the world without any issues. They can cut back on costs as well. Since most of the employees would be working remotely, you don’t need to have a vast physical space. That means you can now save money on rent, bills, and other items.  
On the other hand, for employees, the main benefit of remote working is not commuting to work. By working remotely, they can save time, money, and energy. It ultimately contributes to increasing the productivity of the remote employees. 
But one of the issues that employers face is creating a bond where the team can work with cohesion and harmony. Since you would have a diverse group, there would be people from different backgrounds. And building a cohesive environment is essential.  
As per a United Nations International Labor Organization survey, employees are more effective when they work outside the conventional office environment. Though, they are more to work longer hours and face work-home interruption. Also, in some cases, they can see stress is increasing and anxiety level.
And not able to coordinate and connect with your team member will add more pressure on your team. So, to deal with it effectively, you need to conduct fun activities for remote employees. These activities will help you bring your team closer. 
To help you out with it, we will be letting you know about a few fun activities for your remote employees. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

1. Have a Virtual Happy Hour

Every then and now, employees would go out for a drink. Drinks and cocktail parties are a great way to bond and gel in with the team. However, this is something that they can’t do in the pandemic. But this does not mean that they don’t have a virtual happy hour. 
You can always plan an online session where employees can get together and raise their glasses to each other. Employees can get do together and talk about things that they have an interest in. A virtual happy hour can be an excellent exercise for team bonding and increasing connectivity among the workers.

2. Celebrate Birthdays 

The best way to bring people together is by celebrating the birthdays of your remote employees. Since it is an essential date for many people, they tend to enjoy celebrating their birthdays. Also, it delivers out a message that you care about your employees. 
There are not many events that you carry out in a remote setting. Any reason to enjoy with the team is the best one, and birthdays are no exception. Make a calendar where everyone can add their birthday. By doing so, it will be much easier for you to keep track of everyone’s birthday. If possible, try sending out a gift package to a particular person. Since there is no cake cutting ceremony, a surprise box would be a great alternative to it.

3. Have Water Cooler Chats 

Water cooler chats are something that the majority of us miss when working remotely. It is something that we all enjoy and acts as an excellent stress relief. Also, if you are not directly collaborating with someone, the chances of developing a relationship with them are slim. But with water cooler gossips, you can meet with them and know more about them. 
Nevertheless, you can try giving the same experience by organizing small video calls of 10 to 15 minutes. These calls would be focusing on anything except for work. You can conduct this activity once or twice a week. Though it is not necessary to bring everyone on the call, you can try to get as many people as possible.

4. Have to Team Lunches Weekly

This one is simple, quick, and accessible. All that is required is to gather your team members via video for a regular meal at a specific time. You can discuss things regarding work or your stuff of interest that is not related to work. It can be an excellent exercise to have fun and bond with each other.
5. Competitions for Talent and Strength to Beat Boredom
Another excellent team bonding activity can be to hold an innovative competition among your employees. Develop a template and give employees the freedom to be as creative as they want. It can include anything, from getting ready to creating a great video or showcasing their talents. Even a design competition will be sufficient. These activities will help you improve the productivity of your remote workers and help them gel in with each other.

6. Celebrate Small Achievements

No matter a big one or a small one, an achievement can be an excellent cause for celebration. It can be a great opportunity where you can bring your team members together for a celebration. These small achievements can help you increase the morale of your remote team. 
They will feel like an essential part of the organization. Moreover, it would enhance the productivity and the efficiency of the entire team as well. Plus, it can provide an excellent opportunity for your team members to gather and bond well with each other. All in all, it would be a win-win situation for you and your team as well.

Remote Teams- The Way Towards Future

By conducting these activities, you will be able to create a friendly working environment. As an employer, you must foster connections among your team. It is much easier to do so in an onsite setting. You can go for lunch or have drinks after work to bond and connect with your team members. 
However, you don’t have such sort of privilege when it comes to remote working. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you can’t have fun when working from home. There is no such restriction and with new technologies, conducting virtual parties is more than easy and manageable. 
And people can use a little bit of fun to ease the nerves. These have been tricky and challenging times for many people. So having a fun session can be a great mood lifter and a morale booster for many. 
Nevertheless, as the global dynamics are changing and everything is going towards digitalization, one thing is for sure that remote working is here to stay. And now is the time for your business to get a competitive edge over others by having a remote team. 
Even with the tremendous benefits, many companies are reluctant due to the fear of losing control. With new technologies, hiring and managing a remote team has become more than manageable. But if you believe you don’t have the skills, you can leave it on the experts to do the job for you.  
Aspired is here to help you build a robust and agile remote team. They can take of hiring and managing a remote team for you. Let them know about the requirements of your project, and they will do the job for you. Feel to contact them or for more information visit their website.


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