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Digital advertising: definition, advantages, types, formats and examples

Nowadays, digital advertising has become an essential element for any line of business, since brands of all sectors have found it necessary to have digital channels in order to earn a name in the market. Behind this, there are a series of actions that companies must develop to position themselves in the online world; digital advertising is one of the main ones, and in this article, we will explain to you all about it. 
There is no doubt that digital advertising is a fundamental part of the promotion strategies of all brands with an online presence, but what exactly is digital advertising? 
It can be defined as the set of silly promotion, communication, and dissemination techniques that allow the development of a company or a brand in digital channels. This type of advertising brings great benefits for brands since it allows them to have better control and manage their communication channels more directly. Next, we will detail the main advantages of digital advertising SEO consulting services in Denmark
Advantages of digital advertising

  1. Greater control of investment and return on it. Digital advertising gives you specific statistical data that allows you to clearly calculate the results you are receiving from each particular campaign, whether it be by measuring clicks, purchases, or even interaction. You can easily recognize if the campaign is meeting its objectives. 
  2. Reach a large audience interested in your product. That is, thanks to segmentation, digital advertising allows you to send the message only to the people who belong to your target audience, in this way you can ensure that all efforts are aimed at your audience and no time or money is wasted on show the message to people who are not interested in your brand. 
  3. Greater interaction with the brand. Most digital advertising campaigns have an immediate “call to action”. That is, they allow the user to order, buy, consult or acquire with a single click, which facilitates the sale and the interest of this for the brand or advertised product.

Within the world of digital advertising, we can find different types that go according to the type of advertising purchase made by brands. Such as: 

  1. Direct purchase of advertising

This type of digital advertising is very similar to the classic type of advertising purchase. That is, like the written press, many web pages or digital platforms offer in a pre-established way, various spaces on their platforms to promote brands. The high rates and the lack of versatility of this model have led brands and agencies to develop a more specific and programmed type of digital advertising. 

  1. Programmatic buying

This type of purchase combines algorithms, data, and interconnected platforms without any human intervention. That is, the advertisers decide the price and the algorithm itself is responsible for randomly showing the ads to the public with the appropriate profile for each brand in particular. The programmatic works hand in hand with market segmentation thanks to big data and people’s location, which allows us to communicate with our clients directly and in real-time. 
New formats of digital advertising appear every year, thanks to the appearance of new platforms and applications, which go hand in hand with the tastes and preferences of consumers. Here are the most popular formats:

  1. Banners:

These vary in measure according to the design of the web pages or applications, they can be a simple 1 × 1 image to even an image that occupies the entire screen of the user. 

  1. Audiovisual announcements:

These are frequent on video platforms like YouTube, the duration of them depends on the choice of brands, there are some that range from 5 seconds to unlimited minutes. This varies depending on the communication objectives of each particular brand. 

  1. Native advertising

This type of non-invasive advertising is “naturally” integrated into the content of the platform where it is going to be advertised, without having banners or advertising videos, but rather as part of the format and without interrupting the user’s entertainment. 

  1. Email Marketing

This type of digital campaign makes it possible to take full advantage of the customer database to be able to remember and position the brand through constant communications and direct messages to the customer. 

  1. Social Ads

These types of ads allow users to reach their target audience and spread a special message. The known and effective SMS are Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Instagram Ads since they are part of the social networks most used by people  

  1. Display

We call display to any visual advertising element that we can place on a website or digital platform. Whether they are banners, pop up, etc. However, this format is being replaced as many people have ad blockers to evade digital advertising, which is why companies are getting less and less on this type of format.
Among the examples in digital advertising we can highlight the following:
* Digital advertising on Display.
* Digital advertising on Video Display.
* Digital advertising on Google and other search engines.
* Digital advertising in-text links.
* Digital advertising in mobile applications 
As you can see, digital advertising covers various areas and formats that allow brands to have greater interaction with users and measure the results of their actions directly and in real-time. This is very effective for brands and enhances marketing strategies to the point of considering digital advertising as
Key piece or the base of your campaigns. What are you waiting for to put these strategies into practice? Dare to use these communication channels and achieve greater interaction and better results.


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