How to Start an Instagram Blog – Tips to Follow

How to Start an Instagram Blog – Tips to Follow

Instagram blogging comes under the microblogging category. But the efforts that you need to make are more than any microblogging platform. Many businesses, entrepreneurs and even the big brands are showing extreme interest in this platform. A huge percentage of the revenue of big brands comes from social media marketing services.

It sounds weird when we say Instagram blogging because Instagram is a photo-sharing platform. But still, it gives the necessary space to write microblogs. That is why the word “Instagram blog” exists. 

Competition is high on Instagram because there are thousands of Instagram accounts in the same niche. So how would you compete with all the competitors? Well, this is the first question that every aspiring Instagram blogger asks. 

Don’t be confused about Instagram blogging and read till the end. We will help you know how you can start an Instagram blog and how to make it go viral. From basics to advanced, we will let you know everything. 

1. Choose A Niche

Are you kidding? Without choosing a niche you can’t go ahead. It is the very first thing that you need to do while starting an Instagram blog. What is your niche? Ask yourself. If you are building a blog for an already established business, then you can go with that business niche. But what if you are starting it from scratch? Then you need to figure out which niche is the best for you. 

2. Know Your Audience

The second most important thing is to know more about your audience. If you don’t know your audience, then the content that you publish is not going to be useful for your audience. That is why you need to know them closely. There are different personas that you need to know. Your audience will love your content only if they find it related to their life. 

3. Choose A Name

The next more important thing is the name of your blog. It can be anything, but it should be creative, indicative and inspiring. Don’t choose it quickly. Because you need to do a few things before you finalize the name of your blog or brand. You need to research the brand names and then choose a name that indicates your brand or business niche. Also, don’t forget to check out the domain availability and all. In future, you may need that domain also. 

4. Get Artwork Ready

You may wonder and ask, what is the artwork? We are talking about the logo, profile photo, and most important Instagram highlights. These few things are necessary to use. However, you may feel that these things are not that important. But it is not true. Because you will find that your profile on Instagram has started looking cooler. So get your artwork ready. You can do it yourself with the basics of graphic designing. Many apps can help you with this. Also, you can go with the professional approach and hire a freelance graphic designer to do it for you. 

6. Write Effective Bio

Bio is short but very useful on Instagram accounts. You need to describe your vision, goal, approach and almost everything in limited words. There is a limitation on the number of words you can use in Instagram Bio. Here you don’t have to underestimate the importance of bio. You need to write an effective bio for your Instagram blog. Don’t forget to add valuable information about your blog and its vision.  

7. Redirect to Links

Have you seen the links on Instagram accounts? There are many links that Instagram users use. Some of them are using a single link and some of them use several links. Are you using links? If yes, then what that link is about? You must link your other social media accounts, website, or anything. Must add a link to redirect traffic to other platforms with the help of Instagram.

8. Make A Content Plan

The next thing is to make a content plan. Without planning things you cannot publish shareable content. That is why we recommend you make a content plan for yourself. Firstly, research your niche and see what content your competitors are publishing. After analysing the content strategies of all the competitors, try to make a unique content plan or content strategy.

9. Create Mixed Format Content

Are you relying on a single format of content? No, you are not going to succeed this way. Because these days competition is very high in content marketing. There are different types of content formats. And the top Instagram accounts always use all types of formats. We are talking about text, stories, highlights, video reels, images, animations, IGTV, etc. These all features and formats of the content can help you get more reach and engagement.     

10. Post Optimization

If you are publishing content without optimization, then it is not worth doing it. Because optimizing every single post is very important there for Instagram bloggers. The social media optimization company provide SMO service for enterprises, small business and multiple-location companies you can choose them for your strong social media presence.

There are various tasks that you need to perform while optimizing your blogs on Instagram. Some optimization is required to be performed before you publish the post. And some optimization tasks are performed at the time of posting your blogs on Instagram. You also need to research hashtags on Instagram. Because you need to use the hashtags in your Instagram blogs. There is a limit of 30 hashtags used in a single Instagram blog. Other than this you need to tag location in your post. If people are there in the photo, then also tag that person in your post. 

11. Understand Insights

Insights will help you in planning the content and social media marketing strategy in a more effective way. If you don’t understand the insights, then work on them. And try to understand every single metric. 


Let’s Summarize!

Following all the steps mentioned above can help successfully start an Instagram blog. If you are not sure about where to start, then start by searching for a niche. After your niche is chosen, then you have to choose a name for your business. Then make a content plan and start publishing content that is related to the audience that follows you on Instagram. 


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