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How to make the most out of your Linux VPS server?

Linux VPS hosting servers are one of the best VPS hosting plans without any doubt. But can it just be used as a hosting server? Well, you would be surprised to know of its many other applications other than just as a hosting server.  
A Linux VPS server is a VPS server running on the Linux system. They have proved to be more secured, easy to use, reliable, and cost-effective in the hosting sphere. However, experts and professionals are using it for many other purposes daily. They are an amazing 24*7 connected Linux box server making way for innumerable alternate projects.  
So, without wasting any further time let’s get into the cool ways in which your lightning-fast and high-performing Linux VPS server can be used –     

  1.  Encryption of wireless connection– Network interception is a very common problem when you use public wireless networks. But if you there can be nothing more secured than your own personalized encrypted wireless connection. The Linux VPS server is best at encrypting the connection between a device and any online server. It will not allow any person of whatever authority can make sense out of that data. A Linux VPS server-based wireless connection allows you to unblock regionally blocked content. An encrypted connection might lead to losing your accounts like email, social media accounts, etc. A Linux VPS server-based wireless connection helps masks your connection so beautifully that you can never lose any of your accounts. 
  2.  Private file editing tool– Have you ever thought of working on your real-time editor? Well, then you should. Online file editing tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, etc. share or connect your files to other social media accounts. This automatically questions the privacy of your files and documents. A Linux VPS server allows you to work on a collaborative file editing tool. You might be wondering that this can be possible. The best VPS hosting in India does not cease to surprise you. One can create a private cloud suite wherein you can easily create documents, presentations, and build projects. Not only this just like those dedicated file editing tools, but you can also create specialized spreadsheets and manage Kanban.  
  3.  Run an inherent analytical tool– Not satisfied with your hired or subscribed analytical tool? We have got good news for you. Now you can build an inherent analytical tool with your Linux VPS server. It will work dedicatedly and will provide real-time analytics without costing you like a real bargain. This was just a trailer, there is much more to a dedicated analytical tool like this. It is so efficient that you won’t be needing any other data analytical tool while running your business. It incorporates the features build through data science that works like a separate development tool. So, get ready to receive rich web analytics through your Linux VPS server.  


  1. Video teleconference application– The year 2020 has taught companies to run their businesses from home. In the middle of this video, teleconferencing has completely replaced the concept of face-to-face meetings. On the other hand, they have also given a chance to many companies to drain out money by providing very basic video conferencing tools. With the help of your Linux VPS server, you can secure your conversation through a private video-conferencing application. It will be less vulnerable than those external VoIP applications to cyber-attacks. Apart from cyber-attacks, an own teleconference web application will mitigate many other issues. In no time it will lower down the number of unwanted visitors and will let your meetings run in a customized environment.
  2. IoT devises management system– Is your business also one of those sorts that makes use of multiple IoT devices? Then you might need an IoT device management system to simplify and integrating your working space. Your Linux VPS server can turn into an incredible IoT device management system. Each of these IoT devices gathers an ample amount of data. Your VPS server-based system will push all the data into your VPN. Then this data can be analyzed as per your demand and manner.  
  3. Streaming media at ease– Media broadcasting platforms are very troublesome and incommodious at times. All of this trouble starts with their strict rules and violation issues. A media streaming platform built on a Linux VPS server gives you the freedom to renounce other social media accounts like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It keeps your media streaming platform disjointed from all these and thus maintains its exclusivity and keeping it unique. Such a platform kills two birds with a stone. They help the individual artists in maintaining their authenticity and keeping their valuable work safe and sound. 
  4. Separate VOIP server– Every business owner has to receive plenty of calls in a day. All of them cannot be handled on their phones or even on office phones. A VOIP server helps in the management of such frequent business calls. There is also no use in investing too much money in outsourcing small business calls and losing out on the privacy of your calls at the same time.  A Linux VPS server does not need very heavy infrastructure for building a VOIP server dedicated to an individual business. You can install an application of your choice and then run them from your server itself. No extra hardware will be needed eliminating all extra costs.  
  5. Develop code responsibly– IT infrastructures are all about developing and testing codes these days. But developing and testing code needs an inclusive environment that can promise security and flexibility. Only the Linux VPS host server can guarantee that secured environment.  You might have not explored even the 50% of your Linux VPS server’s resources. It has so many hidden gems that let your developers to code remotely and at ease. These resources also simulate the platform to test these codes so as to be implemented into applications soon. Hammering out bugs and glitches could have never been easy as a VPS server makes.  
  6. Top-notch project management– Companies are small or medium-sized, all need an application to track progress, vendors, deadlines, tasks, etc. Only an efficient project management tool can manage all these at once by breaking down work into structures like charts and graphs. Linux VPS server provides all these services on its platform. Its framework allows you to visualize tasks and their progress and how the individual teams or departments are performing.  
  7. Makes way for automation– Innumerable gaming streams are running on social media channels. It has now become a lucrative career option for our gaming enthusiasts. But to run such a stream they need managed and administrated gaming server.  

Your simple-looking Linux VPS server has the ability to completely automate the game streaming. It works like a bot and then performs all the tasks via automation. It will even chat with your client if used for other purposes.  
These were some out-of-the-box applications of your Linux VPS server. Now it’s up to you that how far you want to take in utilizing the capabilities of a Linux VPS server. Let me assure you that you would get some astonishing results.  
Like we have explored alternate applications, we would love to hear some of yours too. So, we hope to see you soon again with some groundbreaking applications. 


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